Friday, August 7, 2009


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ok so latley ive been getting some acne on me that is just not welcomed on my face
its not the makeup products ive used because ive been using them forever. i dont have a TON of acne but just enough to get me mad. so i am going to try out the acne treatment exposed. iim going to get the 60 day kit witch is 60$ but i dont care im getting it i just want my acne to be gone by september when school starts and my birthday. i researched and researched and this is the highest rated product out there every review ive read they loved it. ive tried drugstore acne treaments but they do NOTHING for me. if i dont like they have a great return policy if anyone has tried this please let me know..... their website is direct link


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ive been using this foundation on and off for the past year
ive only been using it on and off because of the price. but now i have good job i can afford to buy a new bottle every month.
i have seriously tried every foundation high end and drugstore known to man! but this is my favorite for school and work people compliment me on this foundation every day it looks sooooo natural stays on forever and it matches my skin perfectly. i feel FLAWLESS when i were it , two coats of it makes me look like that natural beauty. although its very liquid-y and it is $41 + tax but i dont know what id do with out it.its easy to blend doesnt feel heavy, with great coverage. NARS BALANCED FOUNDATION i use color St Tropez (for now because its summer) i am usually in the winter figi

Sunday, August 2, 2009


as you all know i went on vacation last weeek to italy ,
here are two RANDOM pictures lol this was what was on my camera
my mom has all the scenic pictures on her camera .
this one is SUCH a candid i had no clue i look so silly! we were in venice at an american-ized restaurant outside for lunch
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this picture i took of myself lol was before a night on the town!
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i had an amazing time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


okay so i really neeeded an amazinggg foundation for the hott weather everything i was using would drip and run offf my face with this humidity (studio fix fluid,revlon colorstay, select foundation, makeup forever hd,nars balanced) i only use liquid foundations or foundations with medium coverage so i wasnt about to go for a powder foundation NOT ENOUGH COVERAGE! thennn...
my MAC artist told me to check out MAC moistureblend and i was like well i have oily skin? and she was like it doesnt matter, this is a creamy powder to liquid foundation, so i got it and i just tried it and i applied it with my Fix + and it is amazinggggg like nothing ive ever used its unbelivible it stays on FOREVER it doesnt feel heavy and it has great coverage. i went for a run the other day and i was sweating and the foundation stayed on PERFECT it gives you this great flawless/airbrushed look i applied it with beauty blender witch i think made a difference using that! go check it outtt!!!!!