Saturday, August 1, 2009


okay so i really neeeded an amazinggg foundation for the hott weather everything i was using would drip and run offf my face with this humidity (studio fix fluid,revlon colorstay, select foundation, makeup forever hd,nars balanced) i only use liquid foundations or foundations with medium coverage so i wasnt about to go for a powder foundation NOT ENOUGH COVERAGE! thennn...
my MAC artist told me to check out MAC moistureblend and i was like well i have oily skin? and she was like it doesnt matter, this is a creamy powder to liquid foundation, so i got it and i just tried it and i applied it with my Fix + and it is amazinggggg like nothing ive ever used its unbelivible it stays on FOREVER it doesnt feel heavy and it has great coverage. i went for a run the other day and i was sweating and the foundation stayed on PERFECT it gives you this great flawless/airbrushed look i applied it with beauty blender witch i think made a difference using that! go check it outtt!!!!!

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  1. hey girl! how much is that?? i might wanna try it. can u do a tutorial on how you apply it? :]