Friday, August 7, 2009


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ok so latley ive been getting some acne on me that is just not welcomed on my face
its not the makeup products ive used because ive been using them forever. i dont have a TON of acne but just enough to get me mad. so i am going to try out the acne treatment exposed. iim going to get the 60 day kit witch is 60$ but i dont care im getting it i just want my acne to be gone by september when school starts and my birthday. i researched and researched and this is the highest rated product out there every review ive read they loved it. ive tried drugstore acne treaments but they do NOTHING for me. if i dont like they have a great return policy if anyone has tried this please let me know..... their website is direct link


  1. omg emily, you have to let me know how it works! i need this so badly but i have spent so much money on acne products so i really hope this works for you and if it does, deff let me know! <3 nikki

  2. wow.. nice blog.
    but i don't think so if there
    is already a product like that here in
    I thought it was proactive.
    Thanks for sharing
    keep it up
    God bless

  3. hmmm
    if you end up getting it, tell us how it goes! i think its a good price if it actually WORKS. i need soemthing to just work, also.

  4. Please tell how it worked.

    Nice blog by the way!

    Thomas W.